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Homecoming in times of the pandemic

Homecoming in times of a pandemic: When love is separation   The second wave of the pandemic and its ferocity left no one untouched. My reflections and journey into memory lane found their way in .... Read More

The aloo parantha.. and parts of myself

The parathas, which are a ubiquitous part of a North Indian meal for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, are a favorite with many of us.Flaky with layers, or stuffed, usually accompanied by the rich aroma of .... Read More

The WhatsApp blitzkreig on Women's Day!!

Why this deluge of notifications today?           The buzz of notifications was relentless. The unread messages were piling up since I had switched on the phone in the morning .... Read More

Women in Public Life

Women In Public Life   This post was the IWI blogroll winner for December 2020. Do read about the roles women are playing in the Indian Landscape of Public life: both in politics and public servi .... Read More

Women and Mental health

What's on your mind? An especially legit question, today  on Mental health Day (10th october 2021)   This post on women and mental health was not an easy one to write; but it wa .... Read More

The Doctor's Prescription

The Doctor's Prescription   March 2020   To all my fellow human beings, especially privileged ones like myself, please read what I have to say. This is war, and needs to be treated as one. & .... Read More

yeh Insta insta kya hai?

First the confession:  I have actually, albeit at a remote point in my past, had an Orkut account. Before you start speculating on my age and which lithic period I belong to, let me assure you th .... Read More

Colouring in times of chaos

Coloring in times of Chaos   My experiences, both failed and successful, with meditation found a place in this publication in eShe magazine. Do read about my unexpected fulfilling experience with .... Read More

Featured on Sharing Stories

Featured on Sharing Stories   It was a pleasure and an honour to be featured on the facebook page of Sharing stories recently.   They have a weekly section called tete-e-tete -Tuesdays where .... Read More

India unmasked, literally, metaphorically ?

....... And very dangerously September 15th 2020   So the tiny little virus has left us breathing through layers and washing our hands, for what seems like a lifetime!!!   Or has it??   .... Read More

New Year - 2020

2019 turning to 2020… January 2020   Another year, another decade started just a few days back. And that threw up the usual discussions on new-year resolutions once again.   ‘My .... Read More

The Covid Conundrum

This poem describes the pathophysiology and the pathos of this microorganism. It was published by the Indian Journal of Medical Ethics Click here to read the complete poem .... Read More

Dedicated to the frontliners who wait for PPE

This poem was published in the leading journal Research and Humanities in Medical Education . Read it here .... Read More

December Ahoy

Is it possible to have two favorites??     And December cometh…     I know, just a couple of weeks ago, I shared my sentiments about October, and the change it heralds fo .... Read More

Dial 1 if you are frustrated by customer care helplines

This post is dedicated to all of us who have dealt with customer care and helplines; and have been permanently traumatised by the experience. You, my friend, are not alone!!   There is much posit .... Read More

So, I wake up confused today?

June 2020     The confusion really isn’t about wondering if the lockdown is actually a relaxation or not, what all will I be able to do now onwards, or if our coveted orange zone statu .... Read More

Teachers Day wishes

What makes your alma mater the powerhouse of memories for you?? We remember so little of the pedagogy that we spent hours dwelling over; but we recall those who taught it to us. When we visit our alma .... Read More

The cook in the kitchen: woes of a writer

On a day when even Muphy's Law isn't enough to cover the surprises.... I have been waking up early this entire month to write. Except for the last few days, when , due to circumstances outside my c .... Read More

Being Radha

Being Radha: Tripti Sharan Book review This is a book that describes Radha’s journey through Poetry. Read the review of this mythological fiction work here .... Read More

Book Review: Rajni Kumar

Rajni Kumar is a name and face many of those in the field of education are familiar with. As founder principal of Springdales School, she has touched the life of thousands of members of the Springdali .... Read More

7 Myths About Your Immunity To Coronavirus That You Should Know Before Heading Outdoors

As the lockdown was lifted in May 2020, this article was published by women’s Web. As the pandemic continues, the immunity myths resolved here remain relevant. Click to read the article https:// .... Read More

The lockdown and the giant wheel of life

  May 2020   Me, I am just a girl, not little enough anymore to hope dinner will cook itself… and these thoughts swirl through my mind.   But here I am, weeks into a near total l .... Read More

Doctors with borders

DOCTORS WITH BORDERS May  2020   There are many things a doctor is expected to learn without being taught. Empathy, ethics, statistics, management, people skills, language, accounting, and m .... Read More

Our Anthology at the Ananke Literature festival!!

Super happy to report that our collection of short stories "Everything Changed After That" is being unveiled at the Ananke Women in Literature Festival 2021 tomorrow!! This was a contest organi .... Read More

Love Story: A timeless classic

What can you say about a book that you know will make you cry, but you still can’t stay away from? What can you say about a book that you read for the first time years ago, and then many times o .... Read More

Playing Favourites with books

Playing favourites...with books...     A form I was filling out the other day asked me to list out my three favourite books. I don’t know about you, but I seem to have a different .... Read More

The day after diwali

Feeling nostalgic, for the post diwali mornings from years ago,,,     The festivities, even if they were muted, how now died down. When I was a child (actually, when I didn’t pret .... Read More


As I shared earlier, have been reading so much more of fiction these days…. So, returned to the TBR to decide which one to start.. Have been fairly distracted due to many things these days, .... Read More

Festive edit: Dusshera

Festive edit 2: Dusshera.. Ya dil ki suno, duniya walon, ya mujh ko abhi chup rehne do... He had hoped this year would be different, given the pandemic. But there seemed to be getting away from pom .... Read More

A timeline of gender inequality

Gender Inequality: Where do we stand today?   As women's history month for the year 2021 drew to a close, this post featured on eShe magazine looks at the past, present, and the future of gender .... Read More

Diversity, Inclusion, Intersectionality and Feminism

Intersectional Feminism   This blog was featured by Incredible Women of India, for their March 2021 theme of Diversity, Inclusion, Intersectionality and Intersectional Feminism.   These .... Read More

Book review: Boundaries of sanity

Boundaries of Sanity, by Mira Saraf Readomania I bought this book after meeting Mira and downloading the kindle sample, in that sequence. The sample left me craving to read more about Mrinalini .... Read More

Book Review: Unloved in love

I totally love love....... I mean I love romance. I can watch most Yash Chopra movies many times over, and love even cheesy, mushy, over the top hindi fillums . Romance , as a genre for reading .... Read More

NaNoWriMo 2020

NaNoWriMo......2020       It was a last minute decision to go for the NaNoWriMo this year. I had started in July this year, and had crashed out before the month was half way through. .... Read More

BOOK REVIEW: It happens

“Read like a writer” ...   That’s what the writing tip had said. And that’s what I set out to do with this book. I had read the author’s profile and he seemed t .... Read More

Has the pandemic affected your reading preferences too?

Has the pandemic affected your reading preferences too?   Here is something I realized recently. Over the last few years, very subtly, my reading list , and perhaps, preferences had changed. M .... Read More

Me, My story

A little bit about me       Today, as I begin to narrate my story, And share with you my history; My mind is flooded by many a thought, About all that this journey has brought. Years ag .... Read More

When do you find time to read?

When do you find time to read? That’s another thing that I struggle with, as do many of you, I am sure. And that’s another struggle which has increased in these Covid days, with routi .... Read More

Letters to my teachers in medical school

Dear Teachers,   This is a question from your student, of medicine, and life….   May 1st 2020   To my dear teachers in medical school, The medical education system, Those esteeme .... Read More

An ode to october

October has always heralded change   It brings a respite from the hot and sultry monotony of the Indian summer; is a gateway to festivities and the onset of a vibrant winter.   The nip in t .... Read More

Proud to have won the eShe short story fiction contest

eShe magazine invited entries for a fiction short story contest based on the theme "A life changing experience" from women writers. It is a matter of pride to have had my story selected by the eminent .... Read More

Menopause and the workplace

This blog on menopause and the workplace was featured on Women's Web on International Menopause Day , october 18th 2021   .... Read More

The Unlock Diaries

UNLOCK DIARIES   JULY 2020   I hesitated but just a bit; then entered.   It had been so long… how would things have changed in this new normal I wondered. Even though most places .... Read More

Gender Friendly Parenting

What does it mean when you write a parenting blog post almost 15 years after becoming one??  maybe that you are spreading gyaan, because you finally figured out that the progenies weren't listeni .... Read More

Covid warrior

Covid warrior .......A year back, when the medical fraternity was confronted by a new, unexplored disease, health care workers were first called ‘covid warriors”. For me, a doctor, th .... Read More

2021: the year in review

  2021 began, as every year should, and does-with hope. For the vaccine and for my manuscript, which I had completed the first draft in NaNoWriMo in November 2020  At that point, I had no wa .... Read More

The internal. The writing

Musings on writing october 27, 2021   After many days of the restlessness that unanswered questions and uncertainties bring, today was different.   Along with the nip in the air, there wa .... Read More

On parenting...

Kyunki bua bhi new mom thi!!!   The last two years brought quite few twists and turns on the parenting roller coaster.   In July, this year (2021) I completed 15 years of being a parent .... Read More

morning musings

Morning musings   I have always been a 5AM person (much before the 5 AM club became a thing). In student days, I have also been a 4 or 3 AM person, but that was long ago!   I love the stilln .... Read More

Buddying up for writers

Writing is a solitary activity. But buddying up can take the loneliness away.   This blog on the Himalyan Writing Retreat is about how I was fortunate enough to find a supportive and encoura .... Read More

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