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Book reviews

What We Carry

“Perhaps this is what we should give to new moms: A laptop and a cup of coffee. A notebook and a pen. Permission to dream.”---- One of the many lines from this heart touching memoir that .... Read More

Rajni Kumar

Rajni Kumar is a name and face many of those in the field of education are familiar with. As founder principal of Springdales School, she has touched the life of thousands of members of the Springdali .... Read More

The Heart Asks Pleasure First

A beautifully written book. The poetic sentences and evocative imagery gently take the reader into a story of love, friendships and family. The words manage to soothe even as the text veers towards d .... Read More

Postbox Kashmir

BOOK REVIEW: POSTBOX KASHMIRDUCKBILL PUBLISHERSDIVYA ARYAThis is the story of Kashmir, and India, through the eyes of two teenage girls who become pen pals as part of a BBC project. The girls write ab .... Read More

Masala Mix: Anupama Jain

MASALA MIX   Anupama Jain Readomania Publications     First the cover.. Yes, the cover. The cover design is something that gets the short end of the stick in kindle versions, but this o .... Read More

The boy with the guitar

The boy with the guitar, The book with relatable characters!! I am not a Valentine's day person, but a discussion on Iove yesterday that I joined in, (totally loved hearing the views of Harshali S .... Read More

Write in Power: An anthology of the Personal and the Political

      This book is not just an anthology of the personal and the political, as the title says. It is the synthesis of thoughts and creativity dedicated to those who struggle to find th .... Read More

What people are saying

"Shalini writes with an ease of a seasoned wordsmith. It is a delight to read her words"

Manisha Goyal Mahajan

Entrepreneur, Writer, poet, Life coach

What people are saying

"I enjoy Shalini's eloquent thoughts in anarrtaives and verses. I take my writing lessons from her narratives"

Pallavi Kumari


What people are saying

"Thought provoking expression of emotions. Thanks Shalini for giving us so many pleasant reads."

Shuchi Singla

CEO, Bafflesol Technologies

What people are saying

"Shalini spins out lovely stories and poems on the simple things of life. I follow her articles on all platforms"

Vibha Mathur


What people are saying

"Shalini has a treasure of words to take your heart away as she effortlessly weaves them into thoughtful verses and impactful narratives"

Alpna Das Sharma


What people are saying

"Shalini's writing addresses issues in a subtle way, and makes us think deeper on the subject"

Prakash Bhandari


What people are saying

"Shalini has written some beautiful short stories in the recent past"

Nipendranath Sarkar

Reader, Photographer

What people are saying

"I admire Shalini's fascinating way of story telling in a limited set of words. She knows how to hook readers to her stories"

Sanjeet Sen


What people are saying

"Shalini Mullick has a distinctive style of writing that results in her thought provoking stories. Her stories are like a perfectly brewed cup of masala tea which get over before you know it I love to read her stories many times over"

Mrignaini Arya

Reader, Educator

What people are saying

"Shalini's stories come straight from the heart, resonate a lot of positivity and touch a chord"

Ila Kumar Valia

Director, IIGM