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Fiction & Poetry

Muse of the month winners 2019-2020

The Muse of the month is a monthly short story contest by Women’s web. The prompts are engaging and diverse. The contest is an excellent opportunity for writers, and is known for the quality of .... Read More

Our mistakes can be opportunities to rewrite our lives!

Raima was running late. It had been a busy day at work, with the designs for the new client needing to be completed. The rain had slowed down the traffic, and a splash of rain water from a puddle into .... Read More

Cosmetics, Motor Grease, And War Paint, Are All A Woman's Weapons!

Reema stood at the door waiting for the metro to come to a halt. She just made it out of the door before a rush of people swarmed inside, as usual, without sparing a thought for those who needed to ex .... Read More

The masks she wears

The masks she wears   She is bemused. It is startling to see everyone wear the mask, to talk about it, to ask which one is needed?   The mask is not something that is new to her, you see&hel .... Read More

The festival that wasn't

  Just after the diwali frenzy, it was time for another festival. This one, she always dreaded. The family get togethers and feasting of Diwali would just settle down and it would be bhaiya dooj. .... Read More

Second chances

Cold winter days, Warm Stories.     As she waited for Akhil, Aditi couldn’t help but look at his recent photograph from the medical college convocation and feel proud. Just like his f .... Read More

When you are ready

Shaguna had dreamt about the shrine again. The dream was the same, never even a slight variation in its details; always vivid and clear, even though so many years had passed. It was 4:30 A.M, her usua .... Read More

A short story for diwali

A short story for diwali,       She was tired.   It had been a very busy week with so many people to visit and rituals to complete.   Sometimes, she wondered if any of th .... Read More

Flash Fiction

Flash fiction is a genre of very short stories, the usual ones being 100 words or so. There is usually a picture prompt which elicits a story from the writer. Enjoy these stories, along with the promp .... Read More

What people are saying

"Shalini writes with an ease of a seasoned wordsmith. It is a delight to read her words"

Manisha Goyal Mahajan

Entrepreneur, Writer, poet, Life coach

What people are saying

"I enjoy Shalini's eloquent thoughts in anarrtaives and verses. I take my writing lessons from her narratives"

Pallavi Kumari


What people are saying

"Thought provoking expression of emotions. Thanks Shalini for giving us so many pleasant reads."

Shuchi Singla

CEO, Bafflesol Technologies

What people are saying

"Shalini spins out lovely stories and poems on the simple things of life. I follow her articles on all platforms"

Vibha Mathur


What people are saying

"Shalini has a treasure of words to take your heart away as she effortlessly weaves them into thoughtful verses and impactful narratives"

Alpna Das Sharma


What people are saying

"Shalini's writing addresses issues in a subtle way, and makes us think deeper on the subject"

Prakash Bhandari


What people are saying

"Shalini has written some beautiful short stories in the recent past"

Nipendranath Sarkar

Reader, Photographer

What people are saying

"I admire Shalini's fascinating way of story telling in a limited set of words. She knows how to hook readers to her stories"

Sanjeet Sen


What people are saying

"Shalini Mullick has a distinctive style of writing that results in her thought provoking stories. Her stories are like a perfectly brewed cup of masala tea which get over before you know it I love to read her stories many times over"

Mrignaini Arya

Reader, Educator

What people are saying

"Shalini's stories come straight from the heart, resonate a lot of positivity and touch a chord"

Ila Kumar Valia

Director, IIGM