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Me, My story

Me, My story

A little bit about me




Today, as I begin to narrate my story,

And share with you my history;

My mind is flooded by many a thought,

About all that this journey has brought.

Years ago, life was uncomplicated,

Never with worries inundated;

A joyous childhood and a happy youth,

When what you saw was the only truth.

Showered with love and genuine affection

Secure in many a loved one’s protection,

Never was I by any constraints inhibited,

A passion for excelling in academics ignited.

It was a time of progressing and always achieving,

With the yarn of goodwill that life was weaving.

As the time came for family and career to blend,

Without realizing, I began to compromise and over extend.

And began to get caught up in a web woven by another;

Not aware when my inner self began to suffer,

Befuddled, I trudged along, a weary warrior,

Always giving in; conflicts growing bitter and bigger.

Until the day, the mirror seemed to crack;

All the greys, now appeared black.

Lost and alone, with no relief in sight,

Unfathomable to all was my plight.

How could things have gone so wrong?

What had I missed all along?

Where all , had I mistakenly  blundered?

Could this dead end ever become a cross road, I wondered!

It was time to make a choice;

But I would need to find my voice.

Realizing that life is ever changing, like the season;

I held on to hope and reason.

Little by little, the doubts began to dissolve;

Emboldened by new found resolve,

Of my destiny I took charge,

The hurdles were many and large

But forward was the only way,

Inching along day by day

Finally free of remorse and guilt,

Towards the prospect of a life rebuilt

What was remaining I would nurture,

And give myself a chance to prosper.

Without bitterness and with grace,

I would try and find abundance.

By sharing and connecting;

Going beyond expecting,

In everything, I found of myself, shades

And I finally looked within, free of charades

The written word and books began to beseech;

And after ages, for my pen did I reach.

With the power of the prose,

And my belief and conviction, I arose.

For you, this is from my life, a reflection;

But for me, it is my resurrection.

What people are saying

"Shalini writes with an ease of a seasoned wordsmith. It is a delight to read her words"

Manisha Goyal Mahajan

Entrepreneur, Writer, poet, Life coach

What people are saying

"I enjoy Shalini's eloquent thoughts in anarrtaives and verses. I take my writing lessons from her narratives"

Pallavi Kumari


What people are saying

"Thought provoking expression of emotions. Thanks Shalini for giving us so many pleasant reads."

Shuchi Singla

CEO, Bafflesol Technologies

What people are saying

"Shalini spins out lovely stories and poems on the simple things of life. I follow her articles on all platforms"

Vibha Mathur


What people are saying

"Shalini has a treasure of words to take your heart away as she effortlessly weaves them into thoughtful verses and impactful narratives"

Alpna Das Sharma


What people are saying

"Shalini's writing addresses issues in a subtle way, and makes us think deeper on the subject"

Prakash Bhandari


What people are saying

"Shalini has written some beautiful short stories in the recent past"

Nipendranath Sarkar

Reader, Photographer

What people are saying

"I admire Shalini's fascinating way of story telling in a limited set of words. She knows how to hook readers to her stories"

Sanjeet Sen


What people are saying

"Shalini Mullick has a distinctive style of writing that results in her thought provoking stories. Her stories are like a perfectly brewed cup of masala tea which get over before you know it I love to read her stories many times over"

Mrignaini Arya

Reader, Educator

What people are saying

"Shalini's stories come straight from the heart, resonate a lot of positivity and touch a chord"

Ila Kumar Valia

Director, IIGM