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Teachers Day wishes

Teachers Day wishes

What makes your alma mater the powerhouse of memories for you??

We remember so little of the pedagogy that we spent hours dwelling over; but we recall those who taught it to us. When we visit our alma mater after years, why does it feel like a homecoming? Those classrooms, corridors and laboratories would be just bricks and cement if it wasn't for the teachers who made them come alive for us. The gates of the building where we go back to pose for pictures remind us of the teachers who walked in to them each day. That alumni list we look at so proudly, was nurtured by these mentors. They taught us to learn from life, which is called the greatest teacher; made us capable of living our lives well. They understood us, accepted us, motivated us, and celebrated us.

This teachers day, as thousands of children every where struggle with education, which is their fundamental right, it feels humbling to have attended some of the best institutions in the country, and the world. Remembering all the teachers who have touched my lives in different ways; and given me the conviction of self belief.

Happy teachers day

To those who converted

curriculum into knowledge,

students into learners,

dreamers into doers,

and doers into thinkers

who recognised us

as we could be

and made us believe

what they knew was true

To those who saw the spark,

kindled the light in us,

and glowed with pride

whenever we shined bright


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